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Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Movie Wallpapers, Release Date, Photos, Videos, Cast & Crew

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon (2011) the third part of Transformers 3 is the movie directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg. It is the sequel movie of Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Transformers 2). The release date for the movie is June 29, 2011 and the movie will be presented in 2D, Real D 3D and IMAX with features of Dolby Surround 7.1 Sound. The movie Transformers starring Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Tyrese Gibson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Patrick Dempsey, Kevin Dunn, Julie White, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, Lester Speight. It will be Distributed by Paramount Pictures. According to representatives for Paramount, Megan Fox's absence from the film was due to Bay ultimately choosing not to renew her role. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will play a role in Transformers 3 Movie.

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Movie Release Date: June 29th, 2011

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Movie Wallpapers Photos Videos
Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Transformers 3 Movie wallpapers photos images pics

Directed by: Michael Bay
Writing credits: (WGA) Ehren Kruger
Original Music by: Steve Jablonsky
Cinematography by: Amir M. Mokri (director of photography) (as Amir Mokri)
Film Editing by: Roger Barton, William Goldenberg, Joel Negron
Casting by: Denise Chamian
Production Design by: Nigel Phelps
Set Decoration by: Jennifer Williams
Costume Design by: Deborah Lynn Scott
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, 3D, Superhero
Official Site:,
Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes

Art Direction by:
Benjamin Edelberg
Kevin Ishioka
Richard L. Johnson (supervising art director)

Transformers 3 Movie Cast & Crew:
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Carly Miller
Shia LaBeouf - Sam Witwicky
Ken Jeong - Jerry
Josh Duhamel - Lt. Colonel William Lennox
Hugo Weaving - Megatron (voice)
Patrick Dempsey - Dylan Gould
John Malkovich - Bruce
Leonard Nimoy - Sentinel Prime (voice)
Tyrese Gibson - Robert Epps
Alan Tudyk - Dutch
Frances McDormand - Charlotte Mearing
John Turturro - Simmons
Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime (voice)
Frank Welker - Soundwave (voice)
Tom Kenny - Wheelie (voice)
Glenn Morshower - General Morshower
James Avery - Silverbolt (voice)
Keiko Agena - Mearing's Aide
Julie White - Judy Witwicky
Kevin Dunn - Ron Witwicky
Lester Speight - Epps Team 'Eddie'
Charles Adler - Starscream (voice) (as Charlie Andler)
Kym Whitley - Jessica Morgan
Robert Foxworth - Ratchet (voice)
Mark Ryan - (voice)
Jess Harnell - Ironhide (voice)
LaMonica Garrett - General Morshowers Aide
Kathleen Gati - Russian Bartender
Anthony Azizi - Lt. Sulemani
Chris Sheffield - Pimply Executive
Elena Kolpachikova - Russian
Kevin Sizemore - Stevens
David St. James - NASA scientist
Lindsey Ginter - NASA Scientist
Brett Stimely - President Kennedy
Jack Donner - Jack
Markiss McFadden - Baby Face Soldier
Steve Hersack - Lt. Col. NEST Aide.
James D. Weston II - Lennox team 'Tuens'
Darren O'Hare - Berated NASA Scientist
Robert Herrick - Josh
Bob Kaye - Secret Service
Scott C. Roe - Lennox Team 'Nelson'
Michael Loeffelholz - Executive Interviewer
Darcy Leutzinger - SWAT Team Leader
David Hutchison - Marissa Faireborn's Secret Service Agent
Joel Shock - USN Lt. Brenneman
Rob Guzzo - Lennox's Team - Zimmerman
Annie Hsu - Secretary
Denny Torich - Air Force Pilot
Jason Endicott - Mearing's Aide #2
Matt McVay - Tracking Station Crew
Morgan Williams - Chuck
Bryan Basil - Club Patron (uncredited)
Nathaniel Best - Military Soldier (uncredited)
Anthony Bonaventura - Accuretta Agent (uncredited)
Ryan Buckley - NEST Soldier (uncredited)
Ken Bulcroft - Park Policeman (uncredited)
Michael Daniel Cassady - NASA Launch Tech (1969) (uncredited)
Jason Adam Chaffin - Extra (uncredited)
Larry Clarke - NASA Scientist (uncredited)
Cameron Comstock - Ukrainian Guard (uncredited)
Jordan Michael Coulson - Scared Police Officer (uncredited)
Thomas Crawford - Black Ops Tech #2 (uncredited)
Adam Critchlow - Marine Officer (uncredited)
Andrew Daly - Office Worker (uncredited)
John Dezsi - Businessman (uncredited)
Gena Ellis - Downtown Pedestrian (uncredited)
John Farrer - United Nations Delegate (uncredited)
Maile Flanagan - Acuretta Generous Woman (uncredited)
Reese Foster - Accuretta Employee (uncredited)
Aaron Garrido - Epps Team 'Mongo' (uncredited)
Corin Grant - NEST Soldier (uncredited)
Marie Grujicic-Delage - Russian Lady (uncredited)
Terrick Guindy - Welder (uncredited)
Niki Haze - Extra (uncredited)
William Haze - FBI agent #2 (uncredited)
Jesse Heiman - Mail Room worker (uncredited)
David Hill - NEST Technician (uncredited)
Jasyn Jefferies - USMC Presidential Guard (uncredited)
Haytham Kandil - Iraqi Rebel (uncredited)
Josh Kelly - Epps Team 'Stone' (uncredited)
Kristoffer Kjornes - Attorney General (uncredited)
Inna Korobkina - Russian Woman (uncredited)
Erik Kowalski - Nest Team Soldier (uncredited)
Scott Krinsky - Accuretta Executive (uncredited)
Joel Lambert - Nest Tech (uncredited)
Scott Levy - USAF Tech Sergeant Allen (uncredited)
Brett Lynch - Lennox's Team - Phelps (uncredited)
Noelle Lynn - Sam's Neighbor (uncredited)
Taylor McCluskey - Office Employee (uncredited)
Alecia McGill - Mansion Waitress (uncredited)
Ray Mirabal - Ground Crew (uncredited)
Michael Morana - White House Staff (uncredited)
Prida Moreza - Accuretta Copy Machine Employee (uncredited)
Paul D. Morgan - Soldier (uncredited)
Dean Napolitano - FBI Agent (uncredited)
Jason Neisewander - Extra (uncredited)
Daniel Okeefe - Bully Boy (uncredited)
Michael Palma - Accuretta Employee (uncredited)
Alan Pietruszewski - NASA Mission Controller (1969) (uncredited)
Drew Pillsbury - Secretary of Defense (1962) (uncredited)
Reina Poindexter - Fitzgerald- DC Police (uncredited)
Christina Putnam - Accuretta Employee (uncredited)
Zoran Radanovich - Russian Bouncer (uncredited)
Leonard Jonathan Ruebe - NEST Soldier (uncredited)
Michael Saglimbeni - Lt. Colonel - Pentagon (uncredited)
Cristofer Sanders - Acuretta Executive (uncredited)
Noah J. Smith - PT Soldier (uncredited)
Robert Paul Taylor - Iraqi Rebel (uncredited)
Stephen Taylor - Evil Mailroom Guy (uncredited)
John Turk - Gateguard #2 (uncredited)
William Waddell Jr. - Extra (uncredited)
Kaitlan Welton - Model / Pretty dinner Date (uncredited)
Robert Wetterlund - Military Soldier (uncredited)
Paul W Wilson - Ukrainian Guard (uncredited)
Karen E. Wright - Secretary to Head of NASA (uncredited)
Alicia Accardo. - script supervisor
Kalie Acheson. - set production assistant
Ashley Adamczyk. - location assistant: Chicago
Nikolaus Aldrich. - production assistant
Elise Aliberti. - assistant: Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Aaron A. Alpert. - production assistant
Nathan A. Aronson. - assistant construction accountant
Kyle Arpke. - production assistant
Pouya Asadi. - production assistant
Michael Wesley Aycock. - key assistant location manager
Michael J. Babcock. - set production assistant
Judy Bafaro. - production assistant
Matthew Balz. - production assistant
Samuel Barill. - production assistant
Jonathan Potter Barnes. - production assistant
Sarah Feriozzi Barnes. - production assistant
MeSun Barnett. - production assistant: Chicago
Jodi Gabrielle Beals. - production assistant
Christopher Scott Bell. - production assistant
Stuart Berberich. - location assistant
Ray Bidenost. - caterer
Andrea Biklian. - production accountant
Clinton Bistodeau. - production assistant
Brian Bourne. - production assistant
Damien Bray. - production assistant
Anthony Buck. - production assistant
Raymond Bulinski. - craft service lead
Jay Cannavo. - set production assistant
Bryant Cardona. - set production assistant: Washington, D.C.
Josh Carlascio. - production assistant: Chicago unit
Dawn Carlson. - dog trainer
Kevin Carlson. - dog trainer
Casey Carmichael. - assistant accountant
Sam Carmichael. - production assistant
Eric Carthan. - location assistant
Nelson Carvajal. - additional production assistant
Francesca Cecil. - executive assistant: Michael Bay
Alexandre Chen. - key assistant location manager
Yuriy Chernin. - production assistant
Elena Chernock. - additional production assistant
Alexander Chiles. - production assistant
Chen On Chu. - production consultant: Hong Kong aerial unit
J. Chan Claggett. - location scout
Siobhan Claridy. - first assistant accountant
Aaron Clark. - production assistant
Tom Clippard. - site representative
Austin Coniglione. - production assistant
Annie Connors. - assistant: Michael Bay
Charlie Cooper. - production assistant
David Cortez. - production assistant
Arthur "A.C." Curran. - production assistant
Yvette De Marco. - production assistant
Jason De Meo. - second assistant accountant
Sarah DeBoer. - additional set production assistant
Andrew Emilio DeCesare. - production assistant
Ted Demski. - location assistant
Karin Dentamaro. - production assistant: Chicago
Nicholas Deroo. - location manager
Mandi Dillin. - key assistant location manager
Dave Donaldson. - production assistant
Chris Drake. - production assistant
Corey Drake. - production assistant
Brian Dunigan. - production assistant
Brian Durling. - additional production assistant
Jason Dusenske. - set production assistant
Edward J. Eberwine III. - assistant location manager
Basia Emano. - researcher
Leann Emmert. - key assistant location manager
Kai Ephron. - assistant location manager
Caprice Ericson. - assistant location manager: Washington DC
Raul Esparza III. - assistant location manager: Chicago
Andrew Ewert. - production assistant
Alan Farris. - production assistant
Amanda Marie Fausher. - production assistant
Todd Feaser. - location assistant
Jessica Feavel. - production assistant
Nicole Ferris. - production assistant
Robert L. Fiks. - location assistant: Washington DC
Eric Frazier. - helicopter
Joshua A. Friedman. - production assistant: NY
Pablo Gambetta. - production assistant
Kit Garchow. - production assistant
Nadia Garofalo. - production assistant
Katie Gersch. - production assistant
Nicholas Glekas. - production assistant
Karen Golden. - script supervisor
Orlando R. Gonzales. - travel coordinator
Peter Gordon. - location assistant: Chicago
Sam Gutentag. - production assistant
Dan Gutierrez. - set production assistant
Joe Hagg. - stereo supervisor (consultant )
David Halagarda. - production assistant
Francisco G. Hamm. - air force advisor
Thomas Haring. - production assistant
Delwyn Harris. - production assistant
Megan Harris. - production assistant: Chicago
Alison Harstedt. - construction accountant
Jeffrey J. Hart. - set production assistant
Josh Haslup. - production assistant
Michael J. Hauser. - production assistant
Jessica Heemskerk. - production assistant
Will Higgins. - set production assistant
Anne Hirschmann. - production assistant
Jonathan Hook. - location manager
Brianna Hoskins. - production secretary
Brett Houston. - production assistant
Lauran Tracy Howard. - location assistant
Sonya Hughes-Cooper. - production assistant
Harry Humphries. - military advisor
Sam Isenstein. - production assistant
Aric Jackson. - production assistant
Fidel Jackson. - production assistant
Jonathan Jamison. - location assistant
Nicholas Jamison. - assistant location manager: Chicago
Bradley Jones. - production assistant
Ilt Jones. - supervising location manager
Kim Ju. - second assistant accountant
Waléra Kanischtscheff. - voice actor: Voskhod
Steve Karnes. - weapons armorer
Melissa Kaye. - production assistant
David J. Kennedy. - office production assistant
Ghee Kim. - assistant construction accountant
Shadow Peter Kingsley. - set production assistant
Chris Knauer. - production assistant
Jason Konopisos. - body double
Christina Kouyoumdzoglou. - production assistant
David Krudis. - payroll accountant
Melissa Krystofiak. - graphics assistant
Allison Kuehn. - additional production assistant
Ross L. Kulma. - unit medic: Chicago
Andrew Kutcher. - production assistant
Karim Lakhani. - production assistant
Robert Lamkin. - caterer
John Latenser V. - location manager
David B. Leener. - product placement
Cory S. Lewis. - set production assistant: Chicago
Alisha Lillion. - production assistant
Joe Lissuzzo. - production assistant
Lindsay Little. - assistant accountant
Tory Littman. - craft service
Joshua Loiko. - second assistant accountant
Tony Lopez. - additional production assistant
Jessica Machen. - production assistant
Jerry Mack. - production assistant
Brent Madison. - production assistant
Nicole Malovany. - set staff assistant
Andrew Mangum. - production assistant
Hiromi Marder. - payroll accountant
Gail Marinelli. - assistant accountant
Christopher Marlowe. - production assistant: Chicago
Abbie Mashaal. - parachute rigger
Deborah R. Mathis. - production assistant
Nicki McCain. - first assistant accountant
Glen McGee. - production assistant
Denise Morgan McGrath. - production accountant
Rhys McIntyre. - production assistant
Mack McKelvey. - craft service
Dane Mclean. - additional production assistant
Adam McNinch. - production assistant
Gil McRipley. - production assistant
Samuel Meadows. - production assistant: Chicago
Adam Meir. - language supervisor
Alejo Menendez. - location scout
Kenneth Mercier. - location assistant
Leo Milano. - production assistant
Ralph Moran. - production assistant
Brian Morgan. - production assistant
Aaron Moskal. - additional set production assistant
Patrick Muldoon. - key assistant location manager
Neal Naito. - travel coordinator
Teresa Nance. - craft service
Jeffrey Keith Negus. - set production assistant
Jason Neisewander. - production assistant: aerial unit
John Nemec. - production assistant
Tien Nguyen. - production assistant: additional photography
Matthew Dillon Noonan. - location manager: Washington, DC
Bryan C. Ordman. - production assistant
Matt Ott. - production assistant
Manny Padilla. - key assistant location manager/scout
Natasha Parker. - assistant location manager: Chicago
R. Ben Parker. - key set production assistant
Christopher Pastenes. - production assistant (as Chris Pastenes)
Doug Pearson. - production assistant
John F. Perez Jr.. - location assistant
Rick Peters. - production assistant: Chicago
Greg Pitoniak. - location assistant
Ryan M. Place. - production assistant
Rothwell Polk. - production assistant
Patricia Porter. - third payroll accountant
Jessica Potter. - production assistant
Troy Proffitt. - production assistant
Nick Rafferty. - key assistant location manager
Susanne Ragnarsson. - key assistant location manager
Joshua Ramos. - location assistant
Katie Rasmussen. - location site rep
Russell Raymond. - production assistant
Bea S. Rembeczky. - cast assistant: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Angelo Renardo. - additional production assistant: Chicago, Detroit, Florida
Robert C. Rhodes. - production assistant
Rebecca Rogers. - additional set production assistant
Todd Rogers. - medic on set
Lauren Rosenbloom. - asset manager
Maria C. Roxas. - key assistant location manager
Meghan Ruby. - production assistant
David Rumble. - location manager: Michigan
Catherine Russell. - production assistant: Washington DC
Mika Saito. - production coordinator
Steve Salada. - assistant production coordinator
Henry Sandifer. - additional set staff assistant
Kenny Savoca. - production assistant
Nathan Schardin. - production assistant
Ross Scharphorn. - set production assistant: Los Angeles
Sarah Scher. - production assistant
Madalyn Schiller. - production assistant
Jim Schiro. - assistant travel coordinator
Steven Schlick. - assistant location manager: Michigan
Trevor Schliefer. - production assistant
Jack Schmier. - production assistant
C. Alexander Sears. - computer/video coordinator
Jason Seaton. - production assistant
Amanda See. - location assistant: Detroit
Amanda See. - production assistant
Anthony Sergio. - production assistant
Paul Sharpe. - production assistant
Michael Shimon. - location assistant
Josh Slates. - assistant location manager: Washington, DC
Elliot M. Smith. - production assistant
Marcus Speaker. - production assistant: Bay Films
Mallory Squeo. - production assistant
Gene Starzenski. - medic
Matt Stemmley. - location assistant: Chicago
Jack Stern. - welfare/studio teacher
Richard Streeter. - key assistant location manager
Jamie Strunk. - set production assistant
Pete Swan. - supervising parachute packer
Victoria Swanson. - production assistant
Alyssa Telford. - production assistant
Nick Teta. - military advisor
Niraj Trivedi. - production assistant
Jennifer Tunberg. - production assistant
Joshua David Vaile. - production assistant
Rory Vavra. - production assistant
Keomanee Vilaythong. - assistant location manager
Hannah Vinson. - location assistant
B. Logan Walden. - production assistant
Aisling Warren. - location assistant
Tyler Warren. - production assistant
Sasa Watt. - second assistant accountant
Lauren Weingarten. - travel production assistant
William Whirity. - location assistant: Chicago (as Bill Whirity)
Justin Wiemer. - location assistant: Milwaukee
Brian Williams. - production assistant
Cornell Willis. - production assistant
Richard Wolgemuth. - assistant location manager
Darren C. Wong. - production assistant
George Wong. - production assistant: Hong Kong
George Wong. - production assistant: hong kong
Christopher Jordan Woodring. - production assistant
Daniel Woods. - production assistant
Katie Woolridge. - assistant: Ian Bryce
Kenneth Yoder. - assistant production coordinator
Michael Zak. - production assistant
Jason Zorigian. - assistant production coordinator
Elizabeth Caps. - training coordinator: Digital Domain (uncredited)
Jeffery Liberman. - production assistant (uncredited)
Jill S. Litwin. - production assistant (uncredited)
Michael D. Lusby. - training supervisor: Digital Domain (uncredited)
Jay Shepley. - additional set production assistant (uncredited)
Dave Thomas. - production assistant (uncredited)

Transformers 3 Movie Music Department:
Sandy DeCrescent - orchestra contractor
George Doering - musician
Clay Duncan - additional composer: original music
Alex Gibson - music editor
Kevin Globerman - digital score recordist
M.B. Gordy - musician: Percussion
Todd Haberman - composer: additional music
Stephen Hilton - composer: additional music
Kevin Kaska - orchestrator
Andrew Kawczynski - composer: additional music
Steven Kofsky - music production services
Penka Kouneva - music arranger
Frank Macchia - music preparation
Alan Meyerson - music scoring mixer
Satoshi Mark Noguchi - assistant music mixer
Peter Rotter - orchestra contractor
Ryan Rubin - music editor
Jacob Shea - composer: additional music
Martin Tillman - cello soloist
Dave Wells - music copyist

Transformers 3 Movie Animation Department:
Cameron Folds - animator: Digital Domain
Zaini Jalani - animator
John Kasprzak - animator
Anthea Kerou - animator
Ken Satchel King - senior animator
Ryan Leeper - animator
Bradley Lorimer - animator
Lee McNair - animator
Jess Morris - animator
Thanh Nguyen - senior animator
Jorge Ruiz - animator
Alli Sadegiani - animator
Maureen Seng - animator
Emil Simeonov - character animator
Lindsay Thompson - animator
Edward Zhou - animator

Transformers 3 Movie Stunts Cast:
Brian Avery - stunts
Dean Bailey - stunt driver
Simone Bargetze - stunt double: Rosie Huntington
Kenny Bates - stunt coordinator
Dickey Beer - stunt driver
Jon Braver - stunt performer
Ben Bray - stunt driver
Jeff Bruno - stunts
Kurt Bryant - stunts
David Anthony Buglione - stunt performer
Robert Sean Burke - stunt double
Stacey Carino - stunt performer
Ariel M. Carlson - stunts
Chris Carnel - stunt performer
Jay Lee Carrado - stunt performer
Steve Chang - stunt double
Brian Christensen - stunts
Matt Cinquanta - stunt performer
Ann Coccagnia - stunt performer
Brycen Counts - utility stunts
Aaron Crippen - stunt performer
Jahnel Curfman - stunts
Max Daniels - stunt performer
Tobiasz Daszkiewicz - stunts
Dustin Dennard - stunts
Kevin Derr - stunts
Zack Duhame - stunt double: Shia LaBeouf
Eyad Elbitar - stunt performer
Paul Eliopoulos - stunt performer
James Fierro - stunt driver
Brent Fletcher - stunt driver
Colin Follenweider - stunt double: Shia LaBeouf
Joey Freitas - utility stunts
Chris Gann - stunt double: Josh Duhamel
Precious Garrett - stunt double: Markiss McFadden
Mark Ginther - stunt rigger
Jessie Graff - utility stunts
Craig Gubert - stunts
Jeri Habberstad - stunt double: Frances McDormand
Tom Harper - stunt driver
Gene Hartline - stunts
Jay Hawkins - utility stunts
Nick Hermz - stunt performer
Nikki Hester - stunts
Michael Hilow - utility stunts
Natascha Hopkins - stunt performer
Michael Hugghins - stunts
David Hutchison - stunt performer
Precious Jenkins - stunt double: Markiss McFadden
Michael B. Johnson - stunts
Steve Kelso - stunt driver
Dorian Kingi - utility stunts
Jonas Kirk - stunt double: Patrick Dempsey
Mandy Kowalski - stunts
Cody Bo Kruger - stunt performer
Cedric N. Lee - utility stunts
Jean Claude Leuyer - stunt double: Marine
Tom Lowell - stunts
Diana R. Lupo - stunts
Khristian Lupo - stunt double
Ray Lykins - stunt performer
Mike Majesky - stunt driver
Daniel Maldonado - stunts
Bob Marrocco - stunts
Aaron Matthews - stunts
Eddie Matthews - stunt performer
Aaron Michael McElligott - utility stunts
Tony McFarr - stunts
Travis Merindino - utility stunts
Natalie M. Meyer - stunts
Rick Miller - stunt driver
Anthony Molinari - stunt performer
Matthew Moss - utility stunts
Marty Murray - stunts
Robert Nagle - stunt driver
Carl Anthony Nespoli - stunt driver
Carl Anthony Nespoli - utility stunts
Frédéric North - stunt helicopter pilot
Casey O'Neill - stunts
Michael Owen - utility stunts
Conrad E. Palmisano - stunt driver
Carl Paoli - stunt double: Patrick Dempsey
Heidi Pascoe - stunts
Randy Peters - stunt driver
Scott Philyaw - utility stunts
Denney Pierce - utility stunts
Alan D. Purwin - aerial coordinator
Jade Quon - stunt performer
Rex Reddick - stunts
Timmy Reiter - stunt driver
Simon Rhee - stunts
Jimmy N. Roberts - stunt driver
Shawn Robinson - stunt performer
Shawn Robinson - stunt rigger
Troy Robinson - stunt coordinator
Laurence Todd Rosenthal - stunt performer
Rich Rutherford - stunt driver
Omar Apanco Salgado - stunts
Brian Searle - stunts
Tina Sen - stunt associate
Kenny Sheard - stunt performer
Ray Siegle - stuntman
Karin Silvestri - stunts
Brian Simpson - utility stunts
Monica Staggs - stunt player
Eric Stratemeier - stunts
Justin Sundquist - stunts
Jim Teachout - stunts
Nancy Thurston - stunt performer
Steve Upton - stunts
Alicia Vela-Bailey - stunt double: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Tom Vicini - stunts
Banzai Vitale - stunts
Mark Aaron Wagner - stunt performer: Lennox Team
Shelly Ward - stunts
Garrett Warren - fight choreographer
Amber Whelan - stunts
Morgan Williams - stunt double: Chuck
Stuart F. Wilson - stunt double: John Malkovich
Scott Workman - stunt double
Alvin Zalamea - stunts
Shawn Lane - stunt performer (uncredited)
Li Xing - utility stunts (uncredited)

Transformers 3 Movie Special Effects by:
H. Barclay Aaris - special effects
Randy Fitzgerald - pyrotechnician
Eric Frazier - special effects
John Frazier - special effects supervisor
Patrick Gagné - special effects
Chris Jones - pyrotechnician
Jason Negron - special effects technician
Mark Nieman - special effects makeup
Casey D. Noel - special effects hydraulics technician
Mark Noel - special effects foreman
Darin O'Neill - special effects technician
Jeff Ogg - propshop foreman
Andrew Paulo - special effects
Arthur G. Schlosser - ash effects technician
James G. Thomas - special effects foreman
Tom von Badinski - special effects
Mike Wever - special effects technician
Ross Young - senior special effects engineer

Transformers 3 Movie Visual Effects by:
Paolo Acri - digital compositor: ILM
Matthew Adams - digital compositor: Digital Domain
Michael Adkisson - lead compositor: Prime Focus
Jill Ambrosino - previsualization consultant
Florent Andorra - senior technical director: ILM
Ted Andre - lead compositor: Digital Domain
David Andrews - animation director: Digital Domain
Siau Yene Ang - lighting technical director
Kelsey Ayukawa - stereo roto/paint artist: Digital Domain
Michael Balog - creature supervisor: ILM
Jasper M. Baltzersen - digital paint & roto artist: ILM
Nicholas Barnes - lead texture painter
Jacobo Barreiro - digital matte artist: ILM
David Basalla - lighting technical director: ILM
Monica Rodriguez Bautista - digital paint and roto artist
Eric M. Beaver - lead compositor
Ronaldo A. Benaraw - motion capture artist: Digital Domain
Scott Benza - animation director
Jerome Berglund - rotoscope artist: Prime Focus
Prasad Biki - visual effects artist
Wayne Billheimer - visual effects producer
Duncan Blackman - location matchmover
Jonathan Boden - visual effects production assistant: Digital Domain
Landon Bootsma - digital compositor: ILM
Matt Bouchard - technical director: ILM
Phil Bowen - first assistant camera: kerner optical
Jamie Bowers - texture artist: Digital Domain
Gavin Boyle - layout: ILM
Tatjana Bozinovski - digital compositor: Digital Domain
Timothy Brakensiek - creature supervisor
Lee Briggs - visual effects coordinator: plates
Tom Bruno Jr. - senior character animator: Digital Domain
Ken Bryan - digital modeler
Brian Burks - previsualization consultant
Luis Calero - digital matte artist
Steve Casa - 3d scan technician
Mark Casey - digital compositor
Sarah Cave - animation coordinator: Digital Domain
Can Chang - compositor: ILM
Kenny Chapman - post production assistant
Mark Chataway - technical director: ILM
Vincent Cheng - integration artist
Wendy Chesebrough Lowe - 3d production coordinator
Borae Jungsuk Cho - pipeline technical director
Steve Cho - senior digital compositor: Digital Domain
Kelvin Chu - creature technical director
Sun Chung - texture artist
Janice Barlow Collier - render i/o administrator: Digital Domain
Jennifer Coronado - production support
Krishnamurti Costa - digital modeler: ILM
Louis Cox - visual effects artist
Ryan Cronin - animator: Digital Domain
Wesley Cronk - compositing assistant
Tyson Cross - lighting technical director: ILM
Pedram Daraeizadeh - digital production administrator
Lorelei David - visual effects editor: ILM
Amy Daye - digital compositor: ILM
Daphne De Jesus - digital paint artist
Michael DeBeer - 3D integration artist: Digital Domain
Kevin Del Colle - digital film scanner
Ryan Delaney - visual effects coordinator: Prime Focus Film
Eric J. Dima-ala - matte painter: ILM
Jason Dourgarian - stereoscopic compositor: Prime Focus
Brennan Doyle - digital artist supervisor: ILM Singapore
Jorik Dozy - digital matte painter: ILM
Wilfred Driscoll - stereoscopic conversion artist: DeMille Productions
Ryan Duhaime - lighting artist: Digital Domain
Edgar Díaz - digital artist: Digital Domain
Rony Edde - fx technical director
Joël Einhorn - visual effects animator: Digital Domain
Nino Ellington - technical assistant
Brett Ellis - technical director: Digital Domain
Steven Fagerquist - digital compositor
Devin Fairbairn - layout artist: ILM
Scott Farrar - visual effects supervisor: ILM
Dan Feinstein - digital compositor: ILM
Todd Fellows - modelmaker: Kerner Optical
Jessica Fernandes - department manager: ILM Singapore
Brian Fisher - digital compositor
Bridgette Foo - digital artist: ILM
Thomas H. Frederick - 3D integration camera assistant: Digtial Domain
Andreas Frickinger - digital stereoscopic compositor: ILM
David Fuhrer - digital artist: ILM
Michael Gaiser - visual effects artist
Robin Gala - digital compositor
Mei Gangwen - visual effects artist
Andy Garcia - technical director
Sigurjón F. Gardarsson - digital compositor: Digital Domain
Jason Gaudio - 3d vfx editor
Thibault Gauriau - td effect: ILM
Joshua Gengler - digital compositor
Abhishek Ghorui - digital compositor
Tim Gibbons - digital compositor
Rizza Go - digital production manager: Digital Domain
Nathalie Gonthier - roto/paint lead
Ankur Goyal - tech support
Robin Scott Graham - digital compositor
Jon Green - matte painter: Digital Domain
Jason Michael Hall - previsualization consultant
Robert J. Hall - paint/prep artist
Justin Hammond - lighting technical director: ILM
Jacob Harris - compositor: Method Studios
Daniel Hayes - lighting technical director
Jason Ho - animator: ILM
Timothy Hoffman - senior technical director: lighting
Glenn Holbrook - on-set integration & digital matte painter: Digital Domain
Yap Hon Wui - digital artist
Ryan Hopkins - senior digital artist: ILM
Konstantin Hristozov - digital compositor: Digital Domain
Kenneth Ibrahim - senior effects & pipeline technical director: Digital Domain
Ilamuruguselvan - digital compositor
Patel Irshad - visual effects artist
Jiri Jacknowitz - digital artist
Michelle Jacobs - visual effects producer
Ebrahim Jahromi - character technical director: Digital Domain
Jaime Jasso - lead digital matte artist
Eugene Jeong - character technical director
Justin Jones - stereoscopic supervisor: Prime Focus
Serguei Kalentchouk - lead character technical director
Georg Kaltenbrunner - fx td: Digital Domain
Shawn Kelly - lead animator
Christian Kesler - digi matte artist: ILM
Khashayar Khalkhaly - fx technical director
Laura Killmaster - creature technical director: ILM
Chansoo Kim - animator: ILM
Louis Kim - senior compositor: Digital Domain
Woonam Kim - integration artist: Digital Domain
Stephen King - animator: ILM
Bastiaan Koch - senior visual effects artist: ILM
Dean Koonjul - digital compositor: ILM Singapore
Justin Kosnikowski - digital compositor: ILM
Makoto Koyama - character animator: ILM
Mathew Krentz - digital compositor: ILM
Amit Kumar - digital compositor
Thomas Kuo - digital intermediate scanner
Jean Lapointe - digital compositor: ILM
David Larochelle - digital compositor: ILM
Yann Larochette - digital compositor: ILM
Mårten Larsson - cg supervisor
Michelle Ledesma - visual effects coordinator: Digital Domain
Alexander K. Lee - animator: ILM
Jaewook Lee - digital artist: ILM
Jooyong Lee - digital artist: Digital Domain
Jooyong Lee - roto/paint artist: Digital Domain
Kerry Lee - visual effects artist
SeungHun Lee - creature technical director
Woei Lee - compositor: Atomic Fiction
Pier Lefebvre - matte painter
Joel LeLièvre - visual effects artist
Eric Leong Mun Fai - animator: ILM
John M. Levin - layout artist: ILM
Jeff Lew - character animator
Diana Li - effects artist: Digital Domain
Todd Liddiard - digital compositor: ILM
Neil Lim Sang - senior animator: Digital Domain
Kevin Lingenfelser - lead compositor: Digital Domain
Dave Lo - creature technical director: ILM
Ting Lo - senior texture artist
Daniel Loeb - previsualization consultant
Justin Louis - layout artist: ILM
Marc Machuca - digital artist
Mike Makara - previsualization consultant
Suchint Mandloi - cleanup artist
Mike Marcuzzi - visual effects artist: ILM
Rachel A. Mariscal - digital coordinator
David Marsh - sequence supervisor: ILM
Tom Martinek - sequence supervisor: ILM
Novaira Masood - pipeline technical director
Anshul Mathuria - digital compositor
Will McCoy - digital compositor: ILM
Steve McGillen - digital compositor: ILM
Christopher Medley-Pole - technical assistant
Jeremy Mesana - character animator
Natt Mintrasak - technical director animation: Digital Domain
Ankit Mishra - digital compositor
Souvik Mitra - matchmove artist
Mo Mohamoud - roto/prep artist
Jerome Moo - digital artist: ILM
Pat Moreira - layout: ILM
Jean-Francois Morissette - layout artist: ILM
David Manos Morris - digital artist
Betsy Mueller - lighting technical director: Digital Domain
Abishek Nair - digital compositor: ILM
Ben Nelson - previsualization consultant
Sheau Horng Ng - digital artist: ILM
Yoon See Ng - digital compositor: ILM
Vinh Nguyen - compositor
Jeremy Nicolaides - senior stereographer: Prime Focus
Brett Northcutt - concept artist
Ian Northrop - digital artist: Digital Domain
Ben O'Brien - sequence supervisor/compositor
Rick O'Connor - associate animation supervisor: ILM
Michael Hugh O'Donnell - digital coordinator: Outsourcing
Sai Win Myint Oo - fx artist: Digital Domain
Shailendra Kumar Pandey - digital compositor
Jee Young Park - animator
Alison Parraco - vfx 3d coordinator
Jared Pecht - digital film scanner
Angelica Perez - digital compositor
Phil Pham - digital artist: ILM
Huan Phan - previsualization consultant
John Pierce - stereoscopic supervisor: Prime Focus
Jacquelyn 'Jac' Piette - lighting artist: Digital Domain
Vance Piper - first assistant camera: kerner optical
Zoltan Pogonyi - digital matte artist: ILM
Jason Pomerantz - production supervisor (IMAX Version)
Jason Porter - compositor
Bruce Powell - sequence supervisor
Phillip Prahl - effects animation lead
Christopher Puchta - effects technical director: ILM
Francis Puthanangadi - digital compositor: Digital Domain
Christian Quickle - senior coordinator: Prime Focus
Ryan J. Quinlan - stereo roto/paint artist: Digital Domain
Ryan J. Quinlan - stereoscopic compositor
Steven Quinones-Colon - lighting technical director
Francisco Ramirez - visual effects editor: Digital Domain
Thomas Reppen - effects animation lead: Digital Domain
Morgan Rhodes - digital artist
Grover Richardson - digital artist: ILM
Gary Roberts - motion capture
Shane Roberts - digital artist
Cesar Rodriguez Bautista - digital paint and roto artist: Digital Domain
Chad Roen - modeler
Patric Roos - CG supervisor: ILM
Sean Rowe - digital film scanner
Raechel Rowland - digital coordinator: Digital Domain
Raechel Rowland - walkthru coordinator: Digital Domain
Alvin Roxas - digital production administrator: Digital Domain
Christian Saenz - creature technical director: ILM
Ronald Samson - lighting technical director
Mike Sanders - digital supervisor
Joey Santana - assistant visual effects editor: ILM
Steve Sauers - creature technical director
Florian Schroeder - digital compositor: ILM
Sean Schur - sequence supervisor
Robert Scopinich - digital artist
P. Kevin Scott - lead character animator: DD
Diana Sear - sequence lighting lead: Digital Domain
Jason Selfe - look dev compositor
Todd Semmes - Spydercam coordinator/rigging
Bhavini Ashwinkumar Shah - visual effects coordinator
Tomoko Shin - digital compositor
Keith Sintay - senior character animator: Digital Domain
Sally Slade - visual effects
Bryan Smeall - digital compositor: Digital Domain
Edmond Smith III - visual effects artist
Jeff W. Smith - stereoscopic layout & matchmove artist
Marc Smith - 3d integration artist: Digital Domain
Bill Spradlin - lighting technical director
Shaun Stephenson - visual effects: ILM
Daniel Stern - visual effects artist: Digital Domain
Scott Steyns - graphics and animation
Julien Stuart-Smith - senior technical director: lighting
Matt Sumney - second assistant camera: kerner optical
Jeff Sutherland - compositing supervisor
Shuichi Suzuki - cg modeler: Digital Domain
Kristen Swanson - paint/rotoscope artist: Digital Domain
Lionel Taillens - digital matte painter: ILM
Henri Tan - creature technical director: ILM
Hanzhi Tang - cg supervisor: Digital Domain
Cecile Tecson - visual effects artist
Kieran Tether - digital artist: ILM
Nicholas Tey Kai Guan - modeler: ILM
Robert Charles Thomas - visual effects artist: Digital Domain
David Thompson - digital compositor: ILM
Meghan Thornton - digital artist
Sujit Tone - digital compositor
Anna Tonrungroj - paint and rotoscope artist
Greg Towner - lead animator: ILM
Tommy Tran - visual effects artist
Jim Van Allen - creature technical director: ILM
Chris Van Dyck - digital compositor: ILM
Olivier Van Zeveren - digital artist
Kevin Vanderjagt - associate production manager: Digital Domain
Todd Vaziri - sequence supervisor: ILM
Kinjal Vora - digital compositor
Thomas Dane Wagener - assistant compositor: Digital Domain
K. Marie Walters - visual effects coordinator
Kyle Ware - digital coordinator: Digital Domain
Ben Warner - digital compositor: ILM
Kimberly Wasson - visual effects production assistant: ILM
Adrian Watkins - digital artist
Chelsea Whittet - digital production administrator: Digital Domain
Shane Christopher Wicklund - digital compositor: Method Studios
Shane Christopher Wicklund - stereoscopic compositor: Method Studios
Trevor Wide - senior texture painter: Digital Domain
Ronnie E. Williams Jr. - digital compositor
Chris 'Willie' Williams - previsualization consultant
Kyle Winkelman - animator: ILM
Jeff Winkle - visual effects coordinator
Eric Wong - creature supervisor: ILM
Andrew Wood - visual effects
Mike Wood - digital matte artist
Kamlesh Yadav - visual effects artist
Steve Yamamoto - previsualization supervisor
Vong Yonghow - lighting technical director: ILM
Nina Yoon - stereoscopic conversion compositor
Scott Younkin - sequence supervisor: ILM
Lisa Yu - digital plate restoration
Anthony Zalinka - effects artist: Digital Domain
Chris Zammit - senior texture artist: Digital Domain
Sebastian Feldman - digital compositor (uncredited)
Ned Gorman - visual effects consultant (uncredited)
Bhakti Patwardhan - visual effects producer: Prana Studios (uncredited)
Jeremy Therrien - technical assistant (uncredited)
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